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Power Supply

POWER Supply wastewater electrolysis treatment

SHERON POWER Supply Wastewater Electrolysis Treatment Are manufactured against the demand of customer with their specifications. Designed with a high Level of Isolation to protect Human Being as well as the Load Being connected to it.

User-friendly HMI with digital display gives the user ease of operation to set the Parameters like Voltage, Current, On time & Off time. In specific models, Reversal of Polarity feature is also available. It’s achieved through semiconductors so that there no worry of wear and tear of contacts with frequent switching.

SHERON Power Supply Electrolysis Rectifier Designed For both Voltage and Current settable to handle any erratic behavior of loads the set neither Supply will fail nor performance will be disturbed.

As this product is manufactured for customized solution specifications can’t be fixed.

What is wastewater electrolysis treatment ???

Among all chemical treatment of wastewater, electrolysis is rarely used. Wastewater electrolysis treatment is advantageous and might be increasingly effective to deliver high-quality water as compare to other methods. The best material for an electrode used in wastewater electrolysis are graphite, Aluminum (Al), Steel (St) and Iron (Fe). Power supply for wastewater electrolysis treatment plays a very crucial role in this process.

Importance of Power supply in wastewater electrolysis treatment

Wastewater electrolysis treatment requires DC power for producing an electric current. As a crucial device in this process, the power supply unit converts available AC supply into DC supply. The output of power supply is connected with an electrode which is immersed in wastewater for the electrolysis treatment. Proper control of power supply is the main critical factor in this treatment for operational accuracy and safety.

Why Sheron Power Source Rectifier

  • High Reliability (Developed and build by highly experience power electronics professionals)
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) for output parameter setting
  • Reverse polarity in output for enhancing electrode life
  • Globally competitive product with best after sale support locally
  • CV (Constant Voltage) /CC (Constant Current) operation for optimal and safe performance
  • Isolated output for the safety of the operator and electrode